Human Services Plan

PResentation from the Forum

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Project Background

In July of 2019, Teton County and the Town of Jackson contracted with Program and Policy Insight, LLC to facilitate robust community engagement around human service priorities and develop a transparent human service and resource allocation plan.  

The project consists of six key phases:

  • Background research on and synthesis of community human service context and needs.  
  • Public and stakeholder input on the economic and social context of the region; perception of human service priorities and resource decisions; and reflection on capacity, availability, and effectiveness of existing human services.
  • Collective development of mission and vision for Teton County and Jackson the represents community input and priorities.
  • Implementation of a human service forum to introduce and refine the draft human service priorities and mission and vision development in previous project phases.
  • Development of an action-oriented human service plan that synthesizes input and decision from preceding project phases and supports policy development and implementation.
  • Development of a resource allocation plan that provides guidance for a variety of funding conditions and enables the plan to adapt to changing fiscal environments.   

The final human service and resource allocation plan will provide strategic direction to elected officials in ongoing human service planning and funding decisions.