Building a Structure Without a Building Permit

When do you need a building permit? Any new structures or additions including porches, retaining walls over 4 feet high, roof replacements, window replacements, additions of exterior doors, interior remodels, or decks over 30 feet above grade need building permits. When a project is minimal, A Miscellaneous Permit may still be required. 


  • Storage sheds that are not attached to any other structure, with no power or water and less than 200 square feet in area do not require a building permit.
  • Agriculture-related buildings that house farm implements, feed or livestock that are under 600 square feet and are only 2-sided or less.
  • A deck less than 30 inches above the finished grade for the entire perimeter of the deck does not require a building permit.

To find out if your project needs a building permit, please call our offices at 307-733-7030. Even if a Building Permit is not needed, a Planning Review may be necessary to comply with setbacks, maximum floor area and maximum site development standards. 

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For more information on any code topics or other zoning issues, please stop by our offices at 200 South Willow Street in Jackson or call 307-733-3959. To report a violation, please call the Code Compliance Officer at 307-733-3959.