Business Surveillance Testing


The Teton County Health Department in partnership with St. John’s Health will be conducting COVID-19 surveillance testing using Curative SARS-CoV-2 assay, an oral swab that tests for the presence of SARS-CoV-2 (the virus that causes COVID-19) in oral fluids/saliva. The Curative test has an accuracy rate of 90%. The surveillance testing will be free and is completely voluntary. We will be randomly testing up to 1,000 workers from businesses that participate. Employees will only be considered if their employer enrolls in this surveillance testing program. This surveillance testing will be provided at no cost to the business or to the employees thanks to funding provided by the Wyoming Department of Health through the CARES funding. 

Update as of 11/15/21

Thank you all for your participation in The Teton County COVID-19 Surveillance Testing Program!  We will be discontinuing this program effective this week, 11/15/2021.

Teton County Health Department still encourages testing for anyone who develops symptoms of COVID-19 or for those who have had close contact to a positive case. Screening for COVID-19 should be considered in unvaccinated, asymptomatic individuals working in close contact with the public or for those working in settings where physical distancing is difficult.

Curative Testing and Vault Testing are still available for those businesses who wish to set up their own testing program internally for employees. If utilizing Curative testing we ask that for those employees that are not symptomatic or close contacts to a positive case that you direct them to either the Teton Library location or Jackson Home Ranch lot for testing.