Teton County COVID-19 Metrics

Updated Risk Level-HIGH

Teton County is currently in Red (High Risk) 

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Teton County COVID-19 Transmission Metrics, last updated on 12/2/21

To provide clarity and reduce confusion in the community, Teton County Health Department is adjusting its COVID Risk Level to align with the Centers for Disease Control metrics on COVID-19 transmission risk level. This change will show the risk of COVID-19 transmission or spread of COVID-19 in Teton County with the goal of providing community members with information pertinent to making choices about their behaviors and take preventative actions against COVID-19. Teton County’s COVID-19 risk levels will mirror the recommendations and thresholds set by the CDC, with levels determined as low (green), moderate (yellow), substantial (orange), and high (red). When the two metrics suggest different transmission levels, the higher level will be selected. Teton County will update the metrics weekly both on our webpage and the COVID-19 dashboard. See CDC COVID Data Tracker for more information.

Total New Cases per 100,000 in the last week 115.07 per 100,000
Percent Positive Tests

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Teton County Population Estimate: 23,464

Source: CDC COVID Data Tracker

Total New Cases per 100,000 in the last week
A rolling seven-day sum of the number of new, laboratory-confirmed positive cases per 100,000 population. In other words, the number of new cases in the last week amongst 100,000 people at risk for COVID-19. 
Percent Positive TestsPercent of tests over the last two weeks tha are positive. 
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