Housing Department Rules & Regulations

2019 Rules & Regulations Update

At the July 23rd JIM (Joint Information Meeting), the Housing Department was directed by the Town Council and County Commissioners to make some changes to the Housing Rules and Regulations. Wyoming state statute requires a 45-day public comment period before the County Commissioners can adopt the document, and the Town of Jackson is required to have 3 readings to approve the Housing Rules and Regulations as a Town ordinance:

  1. August 19th – Town Council Meeting: First Reading of Ordinance (Staff Report)
  2. September 3rd – Town Council Meeting: Second Reading of Ordinance
  3. October 7th – Joint Information Meeting: Third Reading of Ordinance and Adoption of Housing Rules & Regulations

The County vote to adopt the Housing Rules and Regulations and the Town vote to approve the ordinance will be at the October 7 JIM held in the County Commissioner’s Chambers at 3:00 p.m. If the Council and Board vote to adopt the Rules and Regulations, they will go into effect immediately.

Summary of Changes

Policy Changes:

  1. Title: The current rule is all adults residing in a restricted home must go on title. This has been changed to all adults residing in a home must sign an Occupancy Agreement with the Owner. The Occupancy Agreement will bind them to compliance with the Restrictions, HOA rules, and other Covenants on the property. The owner will no longer be required to add anyone to title.
  2. Adding Residents to Household After Purchase: The current rule is owners of restricted units must wait one year after purchasing before the owner can be approved to move another adult in with them. This rule was changed to allow Workforce unit owners to move another person in with them immediately after purchase with the approval of the Housing Department. Affordable owners must still wait one year before moving someone in.
  3. Minimum Occupancy Requirements: To be eligible to enter a drawing for a two-bedroom unit, the current rule is a household must consist of one or two adults with one or more dependents. This rule has been changed to allow a two or more-person household to enter drawings for two-bedroom units.


The following definitions were added or changed to provide clarification:

  1. Combined Loan to Value (CLTV) Loan to Value is the ratio of the loan amount to the value of the home. Combined Loan to Value is when a second and/or third mortgage exists, and the loan amounts are combined and compared to the value of the home.
  2. Debt to Income (DTI) A ratio that compares the amount of debt a household has to the amount of income they make. It is used to analyze the ability of a household to pay their debt.
  3. Dependent A child or adult who lives with the household and can be claimed on the tax returns of an adult in the household.
  4. Local Business: 

A.  A local business means (1) a business physically located within Teton County, Wyoming, holding a business license with the Town of Jackson, Wyoming or one that can provide other verification of business status physically located in Teton County, Wyoming, and (2) the business serves clients or customers who are physically located in Teton County, Wyoming, and (3) the employees/owners must work in Teton County, Wyoming to perform their job.


B.  A business physically located in Teton County, Wyoming who employs two or more Qualified Employees who must work in Teton County Wyoming to perform their job.

  1. Qualified Employee A person who works for a local business in Teton County Wyoming a minimum of 1,560 hours annually (average of 30 hours per week).
  2. Qualified Household Households that have applied for housing through the Housing Department, where Housing Department staff deem them as eligible to purchase a restricted housing unit after verification of information, based on the unit's Deed Restriction and the Housing Department Rules and Regulations. Information includes but is not limited to household income, assets, employment, and minimum occupancy requirements.
  3. Restrictive Covenant A contract between the Board of County Commissioners or Town of Jackson and the owner of real property developed or designated to ensure the affordability of a housing unit for perpetuity (sometimes referred to as Special Restrictions, Deed Restrictions, or Restrictions)
  4. Teacher is defined as any individual who [1] works with individuals age three (3) - twenty-four (24), and [2] whose duties involve classroom or other instruction or other direct educational support, and [3] whose primary employment is at least thirty (30) hours a week for at least nine (9) months per year, but is not employed in that position for at least two (2) months per year.
  5. Safe, Decent, Sanitary Housing Safe, decent sanitary housing means that housing units must be kept in a habitable state fit for human occupancy to protect the physical health and safety of the renter. Landlords must:
    • Maintain common areas of the residential unit in a sanitary and reasonably safe condition.
    • Maintain electrical systems, gas systems, plumbing, heating and hot and cold water and keep them in working order.
    • Unit must be structurally sound, clean, weathertight, in good repair, and meet local building codes in place at time of construction or as required for a change of use, if applicable.
    • Maintain other appliances and facilities as specifically contracted in the rental agreement.

Clarifications: Changes and additions to language in the Rules and Regulations that provide clarification only and are not substantive changes.

Clerical Corrections: Corrections of scrivener’s errors, incorrect references, formatting, etc. There are no substantive changes.

To see the full updated Rules & Regulations, please click to view the PDF below.

2019 Housing Department Rules & Regulations - for 45-day public comment

Former Rules & Regulations 

The 2015 Housing Action Plan directed Housing Department staff to update the Housing Rules and Regulations. After a 16-month public engagement process, the Jackson Town Council and the Teton County Board of County Commissioners adopted the new updated Housing Regulations on July 2, 2018. The rules went into effect July 4, 2018.

Housing Department Rules & Regulations, July 2018

Public Engagement Process

The Housing Department and the Town and County Planning Departments held five public engagement events from May of 2017 through October of 2017. These engagement meetings were conducted in both Spanish and English in order to get feedback from the community. Staff also held six sessions of office hours to discuss the Rules and Regulations and answer questions. In total, there were 297 individuals engaged in these meetings and office visits. Staff utilized newspaper advertisements, social media campaigns, email campaigns, and educational presentations to various non-profit organizations and advocacy groups to further gain input from the community. Additionally, two surveys addressing the topic of housing rules and regulations were administered to the public. These surveys yielded 325 responses from community members. The public also had the opportunity to provide public comment at six public meetings with the Town Council, County Commissioners, and Housing Authority Board.