To responsibly dispose of your electronics, please bring them to the Recycling Center located at 3270 S Adams Canyon Road, Monday through Friday from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. No appointments are needed.

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Where to Recycle/Dispose
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Electronic Waste Info

Electronic Recycling

To responsibly dispose of your electronics, please bring them to the Recycling Center, 3270 S. Adams Canyon Rd. Monday- Friday, 9:00 am - 6:00 pm. No appointments needed. The Trash Transfer Station cannot accept electronic waste.


Do I have to pay?

  •  Businesses are asked to pay the full cost of electronic waste recycling- $.40 per pound. This includes shipping and processing of electronic waste.
  • Residents are asked to pay what they can towards disposal (disposal cost $.40 per pound). ISWR will not turn residents away if they cannot pay for electronic disposal. 

 ISWR receives grants for electronic waste recycling from the Teton Conservation District and the Brinson Foundation. These grants help subsidize the cost of e-waste recycling for those who cannot afford to pay the whole price.

Do I have to erase everything from my hard-drive?

Teton County ISWR sends their materials to ECS out of Santa Clara, CA. They are "E-Stewards" and "R2" certified which are the highest certifications available for responsible electronic recycling. However, if there are concerns we suggest finding a means to destroy the data on the hard-drive. Integrated Solid Waste and Recycling does not do any processing with the electronics.

 Do I have to bring my electronics to the Recycling Center?

Electronics are banned from the Teton County Trash Transfer Station. Electronics do not have to come to the Recycling Center, but we suggest that electronics are brought to "R2" and "E-Steward" certified organizations to ensure responsible disposal of electronics. 

Where do the Electronics Go? 

Proper disposal and recycling of computers and electronics is top priority for Teton County ISWR - specifically - making sure that electronic waste is not shipped to third world countries for dismantling and recycling. JCR sends e-waste to ECS Refining in Santa Clara, CA. ECS operates an electronics recovery and recycling program driven by funding from electronics manufacturers. Established in Wyoming in 2011, ECS operates programs in Montana, Idaho and North and South Dakota – states in which there is no legislated responsibility or requirement to take back these materials.